Woo hoo!! Here I am. I did it. I’m not hiding from the computer like I usually do. The website is finally live and ready to showcase the treasures that have come off my work bench.
Right, so here’s a bit about me. I’ve always been a creative thinker. I was the kid who was always doodling on my books rather than what I was supposed to be doing. I spent far too much time on my illustrations than content. I saw the world and especially nature, as a wonderland. I was always destined to work in a visual way and with my hands. From an early age, I was lucky enough to experience lots of different cultures such India, Pakistan, Kazakstan and Bangladesh through my dad’s work. This gave me a taste and I needed to see more…. At 17 I left to follow this dream, half a year in India then off to Europe. Somewhere hiding in the back of my mind was a longing to get my teeth into something. In Orkney islands, I remember being mesmerised by some incredible enamelled jewellery and I just thought…. Wow, I could do that! Something felt right. Returning to NZ gave me a goal to follow-up on this. I was incredibly lucky to obtain an apprenticeship at Berry’s fine jewellers workshop in Wellington. I spent 5 years working next to some of the most talented and respected jewellers in NZ. I completed a 4 year apprenticeship while I was there. I am entirely grateful for this experience.
My husband being a 4th generation Coaster was eager to return home, and it is a place we were happy to bring our 2 children into the world.
Living on the West Coast of the South Island is a playground for my imagination. The sparse landscape is perfect for clearing the head and letting the creating take place.
Another big part of my life is my love of horses. A morning ride along the picturess beach…..not often even seeing another soul, then heading into my workshop… A perfect day!