Kira Birchfield Jeweller

NZQA Registered Jewellery Tradesperson #112  

I immerse myself in the West Coast surrounding, the rugged landscapes creates incredible silhouettes, patterns……inspiration!
I live on the wild West Coast of the South Island, Aotearoa (New Zealand) My pieces reflect my connection to this unique landscape. I moved here in 2009 with my husband who is a fourth generation West Coaster and this is where our children were born. We are constantly nourished by the natural gifts and spirit of this beautiful place.
I am passionate about the art of the hand-made. I melt, form, roll, drill and polish precious materials to make unique artworks. Making work that is connected to this place is important to me. I regularly use New Zealand stones and local West Coast gold nuggets alongside hand selected natural gems.
I get inspired by moments in time, people, landscapes, laughter…..
In 2004 I began a four-year manufacturing jewellery trade apprenticeship in a workshop which used and treasured both highly traditional and modern ways of manufacturing. I valued learning techniques that had been used for generations. Working alongside talented and respected NZ jewellers gave me an excellent array of skills.  Once I became qualified I combined these fine skills with my own creativity to transform the pieces you see today.

“I use the technical and design skills passed on to me by some of the country’s finest jewellers and setters.”

Today’s life is at such a fast pace. My work embraces the ideas of the slow art movement. I take the time to let each design flow naturally, to see the connections between pieces, and to mindfully make each piece individually by hand.